As World Foreign Trade, we have been living with the enthusiasm of being one of the leaders of the sector for 16 years.

We were established in 2006 under the name of World Import Export Foreign Trade Limited Company.   For more than 16 years, as the “school of foreign trade”, we have been working hard to make great contributions to the development of Turkey’s exports. 

We have taken our experience and knowledge with us, we are always moving forward to be one step ahead in the sector; We continue to lead with our contemporary and dynamic structure.   

Our goal is to carry the flag further and to become one of Turkey’s leading foreign trade companies.

Murat Kemalzade – Chairman of the Board

Murat Kemalzade – Chairman of the Board I was born in Kirkuk in 1973. I am an electrical engineering graduate. I came to Turkey since 2000 and I live here. I started my own company in 2006. I love to travel; I have traveled to more than 30 countries and researched the intricacies of trade here. I am glad to meet new cultures and different people.  Thanks to our customers we met, crossed paths and walked the same path, we have been successfully carrying out import and export transactions for 16 years; our goal is always to carry the flag further.